Captain and Manager Will Explain Work of Season--Indian Club Swinging Eliminated From Regular Events--Four Veterans Available

A meeting of all candidates for the University gymnastic team will be held in Hemenway Gymnasium at 7 o'clock Monday afternoon, when Captain H. A. Wood '24 will discuss the prospects for the year and Manager G. C. Eaton '23 will explain the method of conducting practice. Candidates for second assistant manager will report at 5 o'clock Monday afternoon in Hollis 16.

The number of regular events will be slightly curtailed this year, by reason of the change of rules that has just been put into effect by the intercollegiate Gymnastic Association. Under the new agreement the number of events in gymnastic meets will be reduced from six to five. The reason for this revision is found in the fact that the sixth event--Indian club swinging--is now considered to be of insufficient importance.

The program of training for this season will, therefore, include only work on the parallel bars, the horizontal bar, the side-horse, the flying rings, and practice in tumbling.

Three members of last year's team will be back for gymnasium work--,Captain Wood. A. W. Dole '24, and W. N. Tattle '24, in addition to one man, J. R. Weist '23, who was in the line-up two years ago.

Although the schedule has not as yet been completed, dual meets have already been arranged with M. I. T., New York University, and Yale, and a triangular meet with the University of Pennsylvania and M. I. T., all of which will be held in Cambridge. Trips will be made to Dartmouth, Princeton, and Annapolis.