Success of Last Year's Experiment Causes Enlargement of Enterprise.--Outline of Object.

The summer military instruction camps at Monterey, Cal., and 'Gettysburg, Pa., were so successful last year that the War Department has decided to continue them this year, under the same system but in different localities. There will probably be four camps this summer, one in the lake region of northern New York or farther east in the mountain country; one in the mountain and spring region of Virginia or a little to the south; one in the northern part of the Middle Stated; and one in the central section of the Pacific Coast.

Need of Military Instruction.

The object of these camps is to give young men the opportunity for a short course in military training in order that they may be better fitted to discharge their military duty to their country should it ever stand in need of their service while at the same time offering men the chance of spending their summer in a healthful, inexpensive way.

Expenses Remarkably Low.

Transportation to and from the camps must be paid for by the student, as must also the board and regulation Army clothing. The latter can be procured for anywhere from $5 to $10 per man, while the food in camp is supplied at the rate of $3.50 a week or $12.50 for the entire period of five weeks. The government will furnish, without charge, tents, cots, blankets, infantry equipment and such other articles of quartermaster or ordinance property as may be found necessary. Instruction, with the co-operation of troops of the regular army, will be given in all branches of military service, the proper handling of a rifle, the theoretical principles and the practical application of tactics, Including advance and rear guard, patrol, outposts, etc.


Afternoons and Evenings Free.

Work will be confined, as far as possible, to the morning, leaving the afternoons and evenings free to the student. For recreation during the free hours there will be bathing, boating, fishing, etc., and dancing for those who desire it. The camps will probably be held for a period of five weeks between the early part of July and the middle of August. A bulletin giving full information regarding applications, etc. may be obtained by writing to Captain R. O. Van Horn, General Staff, Army Building, Washington, D. C.