Special Notice.

HARVARD MEN.- Ducharme's barber shop is the only one reserved for your patronage in Cambridge. For years with Young's Hotel. Now post office block. At popular prices. Bring your razors for sharpening, etc. 2-tf

TYPEWRITING, Weaver 44 College House

MATH. A, Math. D, Engineering 1a, Engineering 1b, Physics B, Physics C, Physics 1,- tutoring. Seventh year as a tutor. A. E. Doucette, 1208 Mass. Ave., opposite Beck Hall. 75

NOTICE to Students.- Having to meet some large payments the first of the year, I have decided to put in my entire stock of shoes and rubbers at less than cost price. This is really the biggest reduction in the price of first class goods ever seen in Cambridge. Look in the window and be convinced. Now is your chance, for cash.



BOXING.- Do you want to take boxing lessons? If so there is no better man than Wm. S. Gordon, who has been appointed instructor at the Gymnasium. Lessons at Gymnasium or at rooms. Wm. S. Gordon, 75 Boylston street, Boston. 27tf

ERNEST W. CLARK, plumber, next to Ramsden's, makes a speciality of gas fixtures, lamps, chimneys and electrical work. Orders taken for Welsbach lights.

74 10

GEORGE T. MOFFATT is the only shorthand stenographer in Cambridge that makes a specialty of students' work. He pays special attention to typewriting Themes, Theses, Forensics and Briefs. Low rates for Dictation. Crimson office.

SEMITIC 6, 12, English 8, Latin 10, Philosophy 5, History 1, 9, 10, 11, 12, 19, Fine Arts 3, Government 1. Tutoring.

WILLIAM W. NOLEN, 2 Manter Hall.77 22

CHEMISTRY B, 1, 2, 4, 5, tutoring. Six years experience.

JOHN W. DOW, A. B., K. L. MARK, 503 Craigie Hall, evenings.11 Boylston Hall, 9 a. m.- 6 p. m. 77 27

TUTORING.- Mathematics A, D, F, 2; Engineering 1a, 1b; Physics B, C, 1; Chemistry B, 1; Economics 1; Philosophy 1a. Astronomy 1. G. A. Hill, A. M., 19 Hilton Block. 81 6

STUDENTS.- Buy your second hand text books at the Harvard Book Store, near Post Office, 33 Brattle St. 1 tf

TRACEY'S Cafe and 'Dining Rooms for students. Meal tickets, 18 meals, $5.00. Unequalled board and best of service. Club tables to let. 77 12

UNEQUALLED board and best of service can be obtained at Tracey's, 1190 Massachusetts Ave. Pleasant, sunny and well furnished rooms for club tables. 74 tf