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Harvard Bach Society Orchestra 'Choral Fantasy' Image
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‘Choral Fantasy’ Feature: The Enchanting Premiere of Bach Society Orchestra’s 70th Season

The balance between soloist and orchestra mesmerized the audience, and as the choir joined in singing, all the pieces on the stage came together in a truly harmonious fantasy, giving the night a triumphant ending.

Boston Dance Theater’s 'Carol Kaye Project' Image
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“Carol Kaye Project” Offers a Chance to Remember and Rejoice

“Carol Kaye Project” was an inspiring glimpse into the artistic relationships fostered between Harvard and the larger artistic community of Boston and was a testament to the power of collective remembering.

Alisa Weilerstein Image
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Artist Profile: Alisa Weilerstein Strips Music to its Essence in ‘FRAGMENTS’

Audiences heading to Sanders on Nov. 5 for “FRAGMENTS 1” should shed all expectations, except for that of music unlike anything they’ve ever experienced before.

2023 Boston Fashion Awards Image 1
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In Photos: The 2023 Boston Fashion Awards

The 2023 Boston Fashion Awards celebrated cultural diversity and self-expression throughout the local Boston fashion scene.

Jazz Along the Charles 2023 Image
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‘Jazz Along the Charles’ Review: Remake, Retrospect, and Reunion

The celebrated “Jazz Along the Charles” was an excellent illustration of the cultural legacy and the vibrant music community found in Boston.

HVC's "Rock the Vote Concert" Image
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Harvard Votes Challenge’s ‘Rock the Vote Concert’ Integrates Civic Engagement with Performing Arts

Audience members at the concert also found the integration of artistic performances with civic engagement to be very meaningful and unique.

Yo-Yo Ma BSO Concert Image
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Yo-Yo Ma’s Masterful Journey Through Shostakovich: An Unforgettable BSO Concert

Through his profound interpretation of Shostakovich’s compositions and unwavering faith in music as a conduit for communication, Ma truly moved the audience, bestowing compassion, understanding, and humanity upon a world in need.

Isata Kanneh-Mason Recital Image
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Isata Kanneh-Mason’s Solo Recital: Patient, Bold, Spectacular

Isata Kanneh-Mason delivered a stellar performance that was elevated by her immense talent and enhanced by her meticulous attention to detail.

UN Fourth World Conference on Women Image
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‘Solidarity! Transnational Feminisms Then and Now’ Review: An Exploration of Global Feminist Iconography

Ultimately, “Solidarity! Transnational Feminisms Then and Now” offers a remarkable opportunity for visitors to witness the rich tapestry of feminist history and consider the challenges and triumphs of global feminist movements, both then and now.

Boston Ballet "Fall Experience" Image
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Boston Ballet’s ‘Fall Experience’ Review: A Cultivation of Human Experiences

Beneath the name of Boston Ballet’s season premiere lies a show that did not fail to express the many intricacies of human experience.

Sargent's "Nonchaloir (Repose)"
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‘Fashioned by Sargent’ Review: The MFA Brings Sargent’s Portraits to Life

The exhibition’s success lies in its ability to contextualize Sargent’s stunning works and provide visitors with the tools to consider portraits not just as stuffy images, but instead as stories that can tell us about the people of the past.

Louis C. Elson Lecture: JJJJJerome Ellis Image
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Stuttering, Blackness, Legacy, Nature, and the Intersection of Them All

Ellis deeply moved the audience with his talents and use of stutter as a source of both innovation and defiance.

Shelter Music Boston's "Songs of Life"
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‘Songs of Life’ Feature: The Uplifting Power of Chamber Music for Homelessness

Shelter Music Boston empowered musicians to console, lift up, and transform lives through the beauty of classical chamber music, touching the souls of everyone present.

Boston Pops 'Star Wars' Performance
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The Boston Pops Plays A Stellar ‘Star Wars’ Performance

The thrilling, nostalgic music from the “Star Wars” saga, written by former Pops conductor John Williams, was entertaining and a heartwarming meditation on the past.

TwoSet Violin World Tour 2023
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TwoSet Violin Review: A Comedic, Innovative Intervention for Classical Music

TwoSet Violin’s concert was a breath of fresh air for the world of classical music, bridging the gap between comedy and the traditional formality that classical music often brings to the table.