Tweets of the Week: Freshman woes

Published by Blake Sundel on May 07, 2012 at 11:12PM

It’s finals week, and that means something different for everyone at Harvard.  For most, finals week leads to hours of time lost in Lamont Library Penitentiary.  If you’re reading this, chances are high that this is part of that study break that was supposed to be five minutes.  Don’t be ashamed, we’ve all been there.

But when you have something better to do than read a blog about Harvard sports, we strongly suggest taking a look at Twitter.  The frustration, stress, and joy of the end of the academic year have brought some of the finest Tweets of the year.

After sorting through a thousand “Can’t believe it’s my last (insert sentimental thing about Harvard)”-Tweets, we picked out some of our favorites from a couple of freshman athletes.

1) In spite of the hours of essays and tests that accompany the end of the year, Tommy O’Regan has made it a point to keep his followers updated. Yes, this includes when the forward on the men’s hockey team is doing work for Lady Samurai. On April 30, O’Regan’s followers received a flashback to the 90s:

"Boy Meets World has one hell of a theme song #2ndboymeetsworldtweetthismonth #moretocome"

Second tweet of the month?! It’s amazing how much the mind can wander in Lamont. But notice that the forward used “has” instead of “had,” which means that this tweet probably wasn’t prompted by a nostalgic YouTube clip

2) According to Twitter, O’Regan is done with language classes:

"About to enter my last language class in my career as a human"

We’re hoping it’s a long career that culminates with a birth in the Human Hall of Fame.

3) Hours later, O’Regan found himself in a tricky situation.  The forward tweeted the following after an awkward encounter left him speechless:

"Whats the "Thank You" etiquette on someone holding 3 doors in a row open for you? Do you say it softly three times? Loud once at the end?"

That’s incredible. A New-Englander holding three doors in a row? That astonishing feat has got to be one of the highlights in O’Regan’s young career as a human.

4) According to Twitter, Jonah Travis has completed his freshman year.  The forward on the Harvard men’s basketball team finished his finals on May 5 and grabbed a plane back home.  Just before liftoff, Travis used Twitter to let off a little steam:


Poor, poor Jonah. We remember the first time someone sat next to us on an airplane.  In fact, the memories are so clear that we don’t even remember the last time someone didn’t sit next to us. Correct us if we’re wrong, but couldn’t you have sat anywhere in first class if the entire section was empty?  We’re not exactly sure how first class works, though, seeing as how we plebeians aren’t used to the luxury of space.  Hope the luxurious flight with lots of legroom, complimentary food, and movies wasn’t too taxing.

Well those are the Tweets of the Week. It was the final week for the first years to prove themselves, and O’Regan rose to the challenge. On the other hand, it was the last week to make those freshmen mistakes. At least now Jonah knows that people are watching during finals week.