In Memoriam

Friends fondly remember Andrew Sun ’16

{shortcode-4c83143e1ecc4aa6fe7058e40065a3f0d1ea2da3} “Thanks Andrew for being a good friend—I’ll never forget your quirky sense of humor and laid back outlook on things. You are missed and never forgotten. Rest in peace.” —Daniel Abarca ’16

“Andy had an unmistakable laugh, and it always came at the funniest of times. He truly cared for the poor, constantly making conversation with and offering food to homeless people on the street. He loved to encourage people and often sacrificed his time to make sure others were getting through things alright. He had a servant’s heart and put others before himself.” —Daniel C. Henderson ’16

“Andy’s absence is still felt strongly. We miss his friendly face and warm personality. The times that we shared with him will live on as some of our greatest memories in college.” —Stephen P. Albro ’16