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The Imaginary Invalid

By Moliere

Directed by T.J. Mitchell

At the Leverett Old Library

Tonight and tomorrow night at 8


The Imaginary Invalid is the last play that Moliere wrote. He died, in fact, while playing the lead. In this comedy about two lovers, an evil stepmother, a diabolical doctor and a sadistic assistant, this production, which takes place in 19th century France, should prove hysterically funny. The Imaginary Invalid will be at the Leverett House Old Library through next weekend.

Measure for Measure

By William Shakespeare

Directed by Mark McKee

At the Winthrop House JCR

Tonight and tomorrow night at 8

Really a tragicomedy, Measure for Measure was Shakespeare's last comedy before Othello, King Lear and Hamlet. Angelo, deputy to the Duke, sentences Claudio to death for fornication. Claudio's sister, Isabella, goes to Angelo to beg for mercy; he agrees to free her brother only at the exchange of her virginity. In this drama of masquerades, complications and sexual reparte, a twelve-member cast stars at Winthrop House through next weekend.


By Bert Snow

At the Radcliffe Quadrangle

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